Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Brunello Cucinelli at the company's headquarters in Solomeo.

MILAN — Brunello Cucinelli on Thursday received a visit from Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at the company’s headquarters in Solomeo, the central Italian medieval village restored by the entrepreneur.

Along with taking a tour of the area, Conte spent time with Cucinelli, the company’s employees, as well as a group of entrepreneurs working in the same Italian region.

“Every day companies need to focus on profits, but there also are many Italian companies like this one, companies [that] I define ‘sapiens’ [a Latin word that translates into ‘sapient’ in English] that along with profits also pursue other objectives, such as the social dignity of their employees. Dignity and work, a binomial deeply linked to our constitution,” Conte said. “Yours is a socially responsible company and every day you demonstrate how the attention to specific values can become a competitive advantage. You are creating and telegraphing a fantastic message: a community of men and women, who, in a village, develop a successful project guided by an enlightened person, the entrepreneur.”

According to the Cucinelli company, Conte expressed huge attention to the needs of the industry, both in Italy and in the Umbria region, where Solomeo is located.

“It was such an honor to welcome our prime minister, a gracious, cultured man, as well as a person willing to listen with who I really enjoyed discussing about humanistic capitalism, moral dignity, labor economy and about how it’s possible to live and work in an ancient village in harmony with the ecosystem, trying everyday, through our activities, to respect Mother Nature,” Cucinelli said in a statement.

In September, speculation emerged about a potential Cucinelli candidacy in the Umbria regional elections, taking place this Sunday. At that time, the entrepreneur denied the rumors, expressing his desire to continue to focus on the development of his company.

Conti was the latest eminent personality to enjoy Solomeo’s unique atmosphere. Last May, the medieval village hosted the “Symposium on Soul and Economics” with high-profile attendees including Jeff Bezos, founder, president and chief executive officer of Amazon; Dick Costolo, entrepreneur, former ceo of Twitter; Reid Hoffman, cofounder and executive chairman of LinkedIn; Ruzwana Bashir, founder and ceo of Peek; Drew Houston, ceo and founder of Dropbox; Lynn Jurich, cofounder and co-ceo of Sunrun, and Nirav Tolia, cofounder of Nextdoor.

Cucinelli, who is chairman and ceo of his namesake company, earlier this year said that, starting from April 2020, he will become executive chairman and remain creative director and “guardian of the brand.” As reported, he will be flanked by two co-ceo’s: Riccardo Stefanelli, 38, the husband of Cucinelli’s eldest daughter, Camilla, who has 13 years of experience within the company, and Luca Lisandroni, 41, who joined three years ago from Luxottica. One manager is from the family and will be based in Solomeo. Lisandroni, on the other hand, will be based in Milan. For the past year, they have been acting as ceo’s as “a general trial.”

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