A look from the first John Elliott pre-collection.

John Elliott has jumped into the pre-collection fray.

The designer is launching a men’s pre-spring 2019 collection, beginning Friday.

“We’ve tested out smaller capsules for our web site that served as a transition between seasons, but a true pre-collection is something our retail partners have been asking for, and we felt the time was right to offer it,” Elliott explained. “We constantly have innovations that get left on the table when we’re editing main-season collections — like opportunities with fabric innovations and new textiles. From a styling perspective, it also allows us to develop more product to be worked into runway shows.”

Although Elliott has now begun offering women’s wear as well, the first pre-collection will remain focused on his larger, core men’s business. “Our women’s business is still very new in comparison,” Elliott said, “and the product offering on the men’s side is now wide enough to be able to offer more consistent product drops year-round. Women’s is in its infancy, and if we did a pre-collection just after launch, it seems like it’s too early. With men’s we have a need for new product every week, and hopefully by this time next year, we’ll have that same need on the women’s side.”

Elliott described the pre-collection as “a bit autobiographical” and grounded in “the foundational pieces at the core of the brand” that were “reimagined in new textiles and custom-developed fabrics.” He said although nothing is an exact replica, “it’s a return to our core principles.”

The 26-style collection includes hoodies and crew-neck terry shirts that use a traditional Japanese dyeing technique for a gradient effect; iridescent outerwear pieces including a flight jacket; French terry shirts with a vintage feel; a slightly oversize nylon pant, and slim-fit denim jeans and jackets.

Elliott will also offer an update of the Nike M2K sneaker as well as a Thumper jacket in shearling through a collaboration with Blackmeans.

The designer said he expects to continue to offer pre-collections in men’s with the next one slated for pre-fall.

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