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Jonathan Cohen has been keeping busy during quarantine. This week he expands into lifestyle categories including hair accessories, masks and pillows through his sustainable line The Studio, a project launched last December that utilizes leftover fabric scraps collected over the past few years. This follows the launch of The Flower Shop in April consisting of custom, digital floral arrangements that saw upwards of 500 orders a day around Mother’s Day, and a flip-flops collaboration with Tidal in July.

He’s continuing that collaborative streak with The Studio launches, which he says is built on a foundation to work with local artisans and product drops when he wants, and not when the fashion calendar or stores deem fit. The new categories address what people need at home at the moment.

JC x Gigi Burris

A JC x Gigi Burris headband.  Courtesy Photo

Gigi Burris helped create scrunchies and headbands with grosgrain finish that retail for $75 and $195, respectively. Carolina Bedoya, who helped create the quilted patchwork coat in the fall show, worked on pillows with felted floral embroidery that retails for $295. And Antony Vallon, who helps with patterns and intricate pieces for Cohen’s main line, created masks ranging from $80 to $100, which Cohen says “doesn’t just feel like a cloth on your face.” Considerate features include a flattering cut to highlight cheeks, long adjustable ties and a chin tab to keep the mask in place.

“People have a great memory of a print or a textile that they initially had when they bought into it for its season,” said chief executive officer Sarah Leff, adding: “It opens up the conversation with the customer that nothing is dated, nothing loses value, you buy into a print and it has a story.”

JC x Carolina Bedoya pillows

JC x Carolina Bedoya pillows.  Courtesy Photo

As each new main line collection inevitably creates more waste, The Studio has been a model to take ownership of and revitalize fabric scraps into new product. Cohen will be skipping the upcoming spring shows, so for those in need of something to hold onto until next year, another collaboration with Framebridge offers a limited run of decorative framed textile scraps to hang in your homes.

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