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The hallways of the seventh floor of Bergdorf Goodman are looking a little more bedazzled than usual, thanks to jewelry designer Kimberly McDonald’s installation of her home collection in the space. Called The Gem Hall, the collection went up on Friday and will be celebrated today with a luncheon hosted by McDonald’s friend Cornelia Guest.

“We’ve already sold some big pieces, I’m kind of blown away,” McDonald said from Bergdorf’s. “We did four really exquisite handmade carpets, made in Thailand and hand-tufted, and they sold one of them over the weekend.”

The collection includes around 200 pieces, ranging in price from $200 to $55,000. There are wall coverings of high-res images of opals and agates; an 18-century three-piece furniture set McDonald found in the south; a vintage silver service wear, like an ice bucket with geodes as handles; a lazy Susan in tiger’s eye, and a five-and-a-half-foot geode. “The stone actually collapsed at one point and then grew back onto itself,” McDonald said.

“My whole philosophy is centered around a respect and reverence for nature and natural materials,” she continued. “I like to have things around me that mean something to me, and a lot of that ties back to natural elements. And I kind of wanted to bring that to our client at Bergdorf’s who has already been shopping with us on the first floor. When they came to me six or eight months ago and asked me to do this, I thought it was a great way to really bring this kind of reflection of natural materials to interiors, without everything having to be a piece of natural material.”

“My team and I have been working with Kimberly McDonald for the last several months on our current exhibit on the 7th floor that we have been calling our “Gem” Hall,” said Bergdorf’s VP/DMM of decorative home and little BG. “What has come out of this is even better than I could have imagined.  When you walk on the floor, you don’t know where to look first from the amazing wallpaper to the custom carpets.  One of a kind cases are filled with vintage silver items that Kimberly has transformed with stones.  As you walk through the space, you pass antique 19th century furniture pieces covered in Kimberly’s fabrics with corresponding pillows.  This all leads to the last room with custom neon “gem” sculptures that hang over the most incredible geode specimens I have ever seen.”

Inspired by their seven-year friendship, Guest is hosting today’s luncheon to celebrate McDonald’s collection. “We both adopt any little critter that needs a home, so we bonded over that,” Guest said of McDonald. “She’s just an incredible creature. The first time I ever saw her jewelry, I thought it was just so unbelievably beautiful. I love the energy she has with her geodes.”