NEW YORK — With her vibrant, Pop Art-infused style, Lisa Perry’s collection was pretty much made for a pop-up store — and now she has one at 154 Prince Street.

After signing a lease for the 650-square-foot space between Thompson and West Broadway two weeks ago, Perry gave Ryan Harper of Harper Design + Build one week to get the place ready. That left Perry with one day to set up the boutique with accessories being the main attraction, and Pop Art-inspired home décor and her dresses playing secondary roles, so to speak. “We will probably stay here until midnight. I am standing in a white box,” Perry said Thursday, though she had no doubts that she would see it through.

In fact, Perry is so adept at the 24-hour turnaround that a production company once suggested building a show around her expertise after filming her pre-pop-up work nationwide. But in the end, Perry nixed the idea. “It’s reality TV. I don’t trust people to keep things happy and positive as I like to be.”

For the SoHo location, which was last occupied by jewelry designer Marisa Perry, the fashion designer joked about being able to tweak a few letters but repainted the store’s awning white with her signature colorful dots. Perry hopes to take in some of the foot traffic she saw at the pop-up’s neighbors, a Juice Press and Chobani’s New York store.

Geared for younger, more cost-conscious shoppers than her Upper East Side or East Hampton boutiques, the pop-up shop will play up accessories like a pouch, tote bags, beach towels, Manolo Blahnik x Lisa Perry footwear, the Lisa Perry + Solid & striped swimsuit, a sampling of the designers best-selling dresses like the $695 summer version of her circle dress in a lightweight fabric and other sundries. There will also be $150 framed artsy place mats, “Pop Stuff,” oversize kitschy items like a hamburger pillow and a giant pencil reminiscent of the mix once sold at Think Big!, the SoHo store that closed in 1994. Perry hopes that those $150 items will appeal to first-apartment-ers, new-to-the-city transplants and artistically inclined parents alike.

With SoHo squared away until mid-September, and the option to extend the lease, Perry is scouting boutique locations in Dallas and Bal Harbour and Palm Beach, Fla. “I’m waiting for specific ones to open up. I have my eye on certain spots and people are looking,” she explained.

In the meantime, Perry is at ease in SoHo, having started her fashion career just around the corner in a second-floor loft on West Broadway. After being momentarily distracted by a chic passerby spotted from her Prince Street pop-up’s window, Perry explained, “It was the actress Sophia Coppola — Marc Jacobs’ muse. She is so talented — and smart. SoHo really has the coolest, most interesting looking people.”