New York showgoers, don’t sign off on your final schedules just yet. Marc Jacobs is rescheduling his show from Monday evening, Sept. 12, to Thursday, Sept. 15, at 8:30 p.m., company president Robert Duffy told WWD on Monday.

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The switch will allow Jacobs and his staff to make up for time lost this past weekend when the entire design and sample room staffs were scheduled to work before Hurricane Irene intervened. The company will hold on to the Monday night slot, and will show Marc by Marc Jacobs then rather than on Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 4 p.m.

“We lost the weekend with the hurricane,” Duffy said. “We also lost time with the earthquake [last week], when the building was evacuated and no one came back to work. That lost time is impossible to make up without pushing the show back. Our entire sample room — most of the people live outside the city and they couldn’t get in here this weekend, nor would we have wanted them to. If there’s a risk, people want to be with their families.”

In addition, Duffy noted, some essential suppliers not based in New York have been delayed as well. “We met with our handbag people from Italy who were supposed to leave on Friday. They’re still here.”

Duffy said he and Jacobs decided to show on Thursday evening so as not to wreak havoc on the show schedule. “This was the best time in terms of not disrupting anybody else,” he explained. As for the 8:30 start, “We’ll need the extra half-hour because we share a lot of models with Calvin. We have to wait for them and Guido [the hairdresser].”

Still, Duffy acknowledged that the new slot is far from ideal. “Certain people will be inconvenienced,” he said. “I feel the worst about people who want to get off to London. We will live-stream the show, so some people can see it that way…”

There was, he said, only one other realistic possibility — cancelling the show altogether. “Marc and I first talked about this on Friday. We decided it’s better to show than not show. There’s no way we could be ready by Monday,” said Duffy.

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