MILAN — Taking aim at a younger customer base, Moschino and Euroitalia are introducing a new men’s scent, Forever Sailing, which hit the first shelves in Italy at the end of June and is set to roll out internationally.

“Compared to other Moschino fragrances, Forever Sailing appeals to a younger, more athletic consumer, one who loves the sea,” noted Euroitalia president Giovanni Sgariboldi. The new eau de toilette is the fashion brand’s fourth men’s fragrance; the others are Moschino Forever (2011), Moschino Friends (2005) and Moschino Uomo (1997).

The fragrance comes in a streamlined glass bottle, topped with the Moschino logo as a silver cap. The juice is a fresh blue color, and the packaging picks up the theme with a navy blue box and silver and white lettering.

“The sea has always been a source of great inspiration for me,” said Moschino creative director Rossella Jardini. “Not just for the way it gleams and shines and for its colors, but also for its energy, strength and smells.”

She added: “The theme of the sea is related also to clothes; indeed, I believe that in the Moschino man’s wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without an outfit composed of white trousers, a double-breasted blue blazer and a white poplin shirt.”

Sgariboldi would not provide a sales estimate, but industry sources suggested Moschino Forever Sailing could earn over 12 million euros, or $16 million at current exchange, in its first year on the market.

The edt’s top notes include icy mint, primofiore lemon and grapefruit, while the heart is built around lavender and juniper, over a drydown of patchouli heart, amber wood and musk. The fragrance will be available in three sizes: 30-ml., 50-ml. and 100-ml. for 40 euros (about $54), 52.50 euros (about $70) and 71.50 euros (about $96), respectively. A 100-ml. aftershave lotion, 100-ml. aftershave balm and 250-ml. shower gel will also be available.

Key markets for Moschino Forever include the U.K., Spain, South America and Asia, said Sgariboldi, estimating the fragrance will be present in a total of 10,000 doors worldwide. An ad campaign is still being developed.

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