Motivi Smart Couture

Motivi, the Italian diffusion brand controlled by Miroglio Group, has tapped Francesco Scognamiglio to design the first collection of its new Smart Couture line.

Hitting on Tuesday 20 of the brand’s Italian stores, as well as the company’s online shop, the line includes a range of dresses inspired by the world of haute couture.

Scognamiglio combined his signature sensual style with Motivi’s iconic elements, including ruffles, seductive necklines, flattering silhouettes and eye-catching sleeves in evening attires crafted from high-end fabrics, including silk, cadi and crepe de chine.

In keeping with Motivi’s positioning, the collection retails at affordable prices, ranging from 159 euros to 250 euros.

“As part of the restructuring plan of Miroglio, where we think each brand needs to be developed with its own identity, we thought of Motivi not only as a brand that has to sell big quantities of products, but also as a label that has to give women the chance to live a dream,” said Miroglio Fashion chief executive officer Hans Hoegstedt. “And couture is definitely a dream. With this collection, we enable women to have access to something that is prohibitive for so many of them.”

According to Motivi managing director Furio Visentin, the introduction of the Smart Couture line reflects the company’s strategy aimed at refreshing the brand with a more appealing design. As part of this project, which involves communication and digital activities, Motivi is revamping its stores, which are 290 in Italy and 360 in the world.

Visentin also added that Scognamiglio will be in charge of the design of the second Smart Couture collection, which will be presented in the winter, but that the company is open to additional collaborations with other designers for the future.