By  on May 10, 2013

As the inaugural NYCxDesign festival gets rolling today, the Center for an Urban Future is calling on city officials to maximize New York’s design talent.

With roughly 39,000 professional designers and 3,900 design firms, New York has by far more designers than any other U. S. city. Los Angeles is a distant second with 22,500 designers and 2,700 design companies. Noting that design is one of the most important but underappreciated parts of New York’s economy, CUF research director David Giles said, “Most people recognize New York City as a design capital, but the city itself doesn’t do much to capitalize on that. There is a role for design. The city should really look at using design across a variety of agencies to improve capital projects. We really need someone [in government] who has the mayor’s ear.”

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