Alec Monopoly and Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein is hosting his first resort runway show on May 24 in Cannes, during the city’s international film festival.

The coed show, presenting the brand’s cruise 2018 collections, will be held in the garden of La Jungle du Roi, the German designer’s impressive mansion, filled with works of art and featuring a garage with a range of supercars, located on the hills overlooking Cannes. Plein will open the doors of his house to about 300 guests, including celebrities, journalists and friends.

“My Cannes villa is a place of tranquility and inspiration for me,” Plein said. “I enjoy spending time here and many of my ideas were conceived on these grounds. I used the same approach in designing this villa as I do for any of my collections, and I am happy to share this special part of my life with others on the occasion of the Philipp Plein resort 2018 presentation.”

Philipp Plein's "La Jungle du Roi" mansion in Cannes

Philipp Plein’s La Jungle du Roi mansion in Cannes.  Courtesy Photo

During the evening, the brand will also unveil a fashion capsule collection conceived by New York-based graffiti artist Alec Monopoly.

The Philipp Plein brand, which showed its latest fall collection at the New York Public Library last February, is part of the Philipp Plein International Group, also including the Plein Sport and Billionaire labels.

The group operates 100 monobrand stores globally, including flagships in Milan, Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. As part of an aggressive retail push, an additional 25 store openings for the main Philipp Plein brand are also in the pipeline, in locations including Bucharest, Philadelphia, Lotte, Seoul, Sawgrass, Barcelona and Beijing.

In March, the Philipp Plein International Group appointed Roberto Magnani director of international development. The executive will head up worldwide business development, including the expansion of distribution channels for the company’s existing brands and the pursuit of new opportunities for the group.

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