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Since first popping onto American televisions 12 years ago through her family’s MTV reality series, Kelly Osbourne has experimented with her hairdos, outfits and bon mots in the public eye. When not arresting design delinquents on “Fashion Police” and serving as executive producer for four upcoming shows, she and her signature lavender coif have added a flair to “Sharknado 2: The Second One” and a Disney animated series called “The 7D.” All those moments captured on film have led her to penning a book filled with, in her words, “helpful hints and advice.” As she gets ready to introduce her first contemporary fashion line, Stories…By Kelly Osbourne, she shares her fashion favorites and style tips with WWD.

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WWD: Tell us about the handbag line you’re preparing to introduce next year.

Kelly Osbourne: I’m working on some really fun stuff for bags, which I like, because I’m not the kind of girl that wants to carry a million things. I carry a backpack most of the time, and I think most women are leaning more toward that sort of style now because we do have to carry more stuff and nobody wants a sore shoulder. So it’s important: things like having a compartment within the bag that a ballet flat will be in so when your feet hurt you can change your shoes.

WWD: Which are your favorite labels for bags?

K.O.: For bags, I’m a Chanel girl but I love Givenchy and Céline.

WWD: You’re also working on a shoe line. Who is your favorite designer for shoes?

K.O.: I love Charlotte Olympia. I think that she’s figured out such an amazing way of bringing just the right amount of kick to shoes while remaining elegant. And, yes, you know, just like my hair isn’t for everyone, her shoes aren’t for everyone. But they’re exciting and they’re fun.

WWD: What about your favorite clothing designers?

K.O.: I have designers that I like for certain things. If I’m going to go for a gown and I want to feel structured and elegant, I will go for Zac Posen. If I want to feel structured and a little bit edgy, I’ll go for Vivienne Westwood. Then of course, who isn’t obsessed with Tom Ford? And Kim Jones and I love Chloé and also Stella McCartney, but I also live in a lot of Miu Miu because I like the way you can either dress it up or dress it down and it kind of defies age in a certain way.

WWD: How would you describe your style?

K.O.: It would be modern day Teddy Girl. I like the androgyny of men’s wear but really girlifying it.

WWD: Do you have a style tip for your fans?

K.O.: Shoulder pads. The first thing you’re going to think is, “Ohmigod, that’s so ‘Dynasty.’ I can’t wear it. It’s like I’m going to look like Joan Collins.” You don’t realize what it can do for you. Just the smallest shoulder pad can make your waist look so much smaller without you having to wear uncomfortable, you know, elastic garments that go underneath your clothing.

WWD: What’s a good trick if you’re dashing out of the house?

K.O.: One of my easiest tricks for running out the door when you know you’re getting papped: big, huge sunglasses and a bright lip.

WWD: So are sunglasses in the works for your fashion line?

K.O.: Yep.

WWD: What’s your opinion on trends?

K.O.: Don’t worry about trends. I never have, ever. I think it’s crazy now that Birkenstocks are in fashion because I’ve always worn them and gotten made fun for them.

WWD: You don’t strike us as “normcore.”

K.O.: Don’t ever say that word! I despise everything that “normcore” represents.…I like taking things that society considers to be ugly or uncool and finding a way to make them beautiful in everyone’s eyes.

WWD: How do you maintain your hair color?

K.O.: I find mousse that is the same color. When you don’t have that, find the dye in the color, put a tiny bit in the conditioner. Every time you use it on your hair, you bump it up a little bit.

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