From the marketing campaign, a map of The Saks Shops in Greenwich.

Saks Fifth Avenue is getting ready to spotlight its unique complex of four specialty stores launching in Greenwich, Conn. beginning this fall.

The complex is being branded “The Saks Shops at Greenwich” and the marketing begins Sunday, WWD has learned.

It’s also been learned that one of the four shops will be called “The Collective” to reflect how Saks is “resetting” its contemporary business. The Collective is scheduled to open in February.

The Saks Shops at Greenwich will also include:

  • The first freestanding Saks 10022-Shoe shop, opening on Oct. 20 at 20 East Elm Street.
  • The first Saks shop for fine jewelry, to be called The Vault, scheduled to open its doors in May 2017. The Collective and The Vault shops will be housed in the same building at 200 Greenwich Avenue and have separate entrances.
  • The existing Saks Fifth Avenue women’s designer store, at 205 Greenwich Avenue, which will undergo a renovation starting in November 2017.

“We believe Greenwich specifically is a market that really responds well to this boutique specialty environment. It’s a Main Street community,” said Marc Metrick, president of Saks Fifth Avenue. “What’s great about this is we can really make this a Saks ecosystem.” The shops are just a few steps away from each other.

Metrick said the existing Saks store in Greenwich is “one of our most productive stores in the company.” By moving footwear to the upcoming 10022-Shoe store, Saks can expand its women’s presentation in the existing store. “That’s an important play,” Metrick said.

The Saks Shops at Greenwich, said Metrick, is a concept the company has considered on occasion over many years, and a situation that arose when the Greenwich real estate became available. “It’s an opportunity that came up but we’ve always been looking and kicking the tires. The Saks Shops at Greenwich is certainly not a test,” Metrick said. “We are looking to change the [Saks] experience. In certain markets we will be able to do different things.” For years, Saks executives have considered rolling out specialty shops for shoes.

“The Saks Shops at Greenwich is not necessarily something we will be rolling out, but we are always open,” explained Metrick. “This is not a one-off. It’s part of a Saks transformation. We are really trying to change what the experience is.”

The Saks Shops at Greenwich, Metrick added, will feel “as if you’re shopping on Madison Avenue in different boutiques but as one consistent experience.”

The marketing begins Sunday at the Greenwich Polo Club, where Saks is sponsoring the East Coast Open Stomping of the Divots portion of the polo match, to draw attention to the 10022-Shoe shop opening. During the stomping, whoever finds a 2016 U.S. mint coin in one of the divots will win a pair of shoes. Saks will set up a cabana for top customers at the Polo Club. Saks is also sponsoring the stomping at the polo matches taking place Sept. 4 and Sept. 11.