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Salvatore Ferragamo is being feted with an exhibition at his native Bonito, a small town in the Campania region in Southern Italy.

A local organization teamed with the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum, based in Florence, on “Impronte” [“Footprints,” in English,] an exhibition collecting five shoes designed by Ferragamo between the Thirties and the Fifties. These include a design with the toe in the shape of a rhino horn; a colorful sandal worn by Judy Garland; another sandal with a wedge embellished with hand-painted flowers; canvas booties painted with leaves, and the iconic Diva sandal crafted from multicolored suede bands.

The footwear styles served as an inspiration for five up-and-coming artists, including Tellas, Gola Hundun, Milu Correch, Giulio Vesprini and Millo, to create five artworks which are on show next to the shoes at Bonito’s Sant’Antonio Franciscanum monastery.

The exhibition, which bows on Wednesday, will be open until Aug. 31.