Guo Pei

ATLANTA — A year ago, the Savannah College of Art and Design opened the SCAD Fash Museum of Fashion + Film in Atlanta with a an exhibition of designs, past and present, by longtime SCAD supporter Oscar de la Renta. The fashion museum celebrates its one-year anniversary today by opening a new exhibit: “Embellished: Adornment Throughout the Ages.”

SCAD opens its doors with free admission today to the new exhibition, SCAD Fash’s first to focus exclusively on the evolution of fashion. In addition to an array of styles by Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli, the House of Balenciaga and Christian Dior, nearly all of the items on view appear courtesy of Italian fashion professor and collector Raffaello Piraino. It marks the U.S. debut of select pieces from his collection, which is housed in Palermo, Italy, and consists of more than 5,000 ornate garments and accessories that belonged to the Sicilian aristocracy and bourgeoisie.

The exhibition, curated by Rafael Gomes, SCAD director of fashion exhibitions, with assistance from Luca Lo Sicco, SCAD professor of fashion marketing and management, runs through Jan. 29.

SCAD is currently confirming a date for a solo exhibition of haute couture garments by Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei. Currently, she is in Savannah touring SCAD Savannah and the SCAD Museum of Art, which is celebrating its five-year anniversary. She toured SCAD Fash in Atlanta on Thursday.

Guo has had a busy week, having participated in a China Institute talk at the Waterfall Mansion in Manhattan on Monday and been honored at the Blue Cloud Gala on Tuesday. With the stunning canary yellow gown she designed for Rihanna as a backdrop for Monday’s Q&A, Guo discussed her business, a film she is working on and meeting Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook.

“If you choose fashion for the money, then fashion is not for you. You have to go through each stage to advance. The first 10 years for me was to learn, the second 10 years was to accumulate and the past 10 years was to create,” she said. “There are many designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Giorgio Armani who are most productive in their 80s.”

Cook visited her Beijing studio during the summer and Guo said she hopes to collaborate with him, since they both “agreed that science, technology and beauty go hand-in-hand.”