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Men'sWeek issue 03/27/2014

TOKYO — Todd Snyder has taken the plunge into retail, opening a flagship here.

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Called The Townhouse Todd Snyder, the three-story shop carries the designer’s complete line of men’s wear as well as select products by other brands that inspire him.

“I was always very inspired by Japan and the way men dress, especially in Tokyo,” Snyder said at the recent opening party, where he was joined by illustrator Richard Haines. “They just have a very unique style; they have a different set of rules, and they really are innovators in the way they dress.”

In addition to Tokyo, Snyder is also inspired by New York and London, influences that are evident throughout the store. The basement is similar to Snyder’s City Gym store in New York, which showcases his collaboration with Champion. Decorated to look like an old-school locker room, the floor is also home to Speakeasy T-shirts and sneakers by New Balance and PF Flyers.

The first floor is dedicated to casualwear. Snyder’s checked shirts and cotton trousers are mixed with raincoats made in collaboration with Macintosh, vintage watches, Moscot sunglasses, Postalco notebooks and bath and body products by Aesop.

Upstairs, customers will find more tailored offerings, including jackets, Hamilton shirts, and silk neckties. There are also Panama hats by Bates, leather shoes by Alden and Tricker’s, and Fox Umbrellas products.

Snyder thinks his mix of brands and products will appeal to Japanese customers, who have already made the country his largest wholesale market.

“I think Japanese men in particular just have a certain affinity for fashion and quality, and my brand really kind of speaks to that. It’s also rooted in kind of traditional, classic style, but with slightly updated twists,” he said. “I do use a lot of vintage and military inspiration, [and for] Japanese men, that’s their kind of look.”

Tucked away in a back corner of the second floor is a small bar, which will be the only place in Japan to serve Stumptown Coffee. On Wednesday through Friday evenings, the bar will also serve alcohol, including Snyder’s favorite Templeton Rye whiskey, which harkens back to prohibition-era Iowa.

Snyder said he has no other store openings planned for the immediate future, but will concentrate on building his wholesale business before adding flagships in other countries and cities.

“Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. We’re really excited about this, we want to make this successful, and then we’ll see,” he said.

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