A T-shirt from the "Versace Tribute Collection"

Following Versace’s spring 2018 runway show, which paid tribute to the creativity of Gianni Versace on the 20th anniversary of his death, the company launched a T-shirt capsule collection.

Called “Versace Tribute Collection,” the line features unisex styles splashed with five bold patterns created by Gianni Versace during his career. They include the “Vogue” and “Pop Art” motifs, both from the spring 1991 collection, as well as three patterns from the brand’s spring 1992 lineup. In particular, “Trésor de la Mer” offers a Mediterranean take on a Renaissance motif; “Wild Baroque” shows Baroque prints mixed with animal patterns and crystal decors; and “Native Americans” celebrates the Native American culture with a feather motif.

A T-shirt from the "Versace Tribute Collection"

A T-shirt from the “Versace Tribute Collection”  Courtesy Photo

Each T-shirt is decorated with two labels. The one inside features the name of the print and the one stitched on the outside shows the name of the capsule collection.

Available in limited quantities, the T-shirts, which retail from $750 to $995, are available at select Versace’s boutiques and online at Versace.com.