PARIS — Louis Vuitton has secured one of the largest and most striking modernist houses in Palm Springs, Calif., for its cruise show on May 6 — the Bob and Dolores Hope estate.

Confirming the location exclusively to WWD, the French fashion house said the John Lautner house — which resembles a spaceship with its three jutting, visorlike arches — is to host more than 400 guests.

Nicolas Ghesquière, Vuitton’s director of women’s collections, said the Lautner house, designed in 1973 for the late comedian and his singer wife, is a “symbolic landmark that has inspired me ever since I first saw it,” lauding the “remarkable setting” for his second cruise collection for Vuitton.

Considered one of the largest private estates in Palm Springs, the futuristic house sits at the top of the Southridge gated community, affording panoramic views of the Coachella Valley.

With its undulating concrete roof, a large hole sliced out over the courtyard, the sprawling house was built to resemble a volcano. According to Vuitton, it is the first time the venue has hosted a fashion show.

“We were immediately taken by the construction,” said Michael Burke, chairman and chief executive officer of Vuitton, noting the house telegraphs the futuristic leanings of Ghesquière and the “iconic spirit” and creative drive of the leather goods powerhouse.

Vuitton plans to live stream its cruise show, set for 6:15 p.m. Pacific time, on its Web site.

The Vuitton event is one of a growing number of itinerant fashion spectacles that are transforming press offices into travel agents.

Other key destinations for cruise this season include Seoul on May 4 for Chanel and, after Vuitton on May 11, an undisclosed location on the French Riviera for Dior.