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Orchids at Ralph, a carnival at Tommy and rocketing at Chanel — literally.

When it came to set design this season, the shows ranged from floral to industrial to the artistic. Ralph Lauren created an orchid-filled enchanted garden oasis at his Madison Avenue flagship, and Chanel designed its own space station inside Paris’ Grand Palais, and for the finale, the Chanel rocket actually blasted off.

Tommy Hilfiger re-created an amusement park for his “see-now-buy now” Tommy x Gigi show, but this time it transported the fun to Venice Beach, Calif., while Gucci built a mirrored pyramid inspired by the Pyramid of Cestius, an Egyptian-inspired pyramid built in Rome as a tomb for magistrate Gaius Cestius between 18 and 12 B.C.

Yves Saint Laurent invited showgoers to the courtyard of its future headquarters, featuring the raw grit of the construction site contrasted with the pristine industrial setting featuring metal risers supporting thick, dark green marble slabs.

One brand bypassed the hoopla all together, though. Marc Jacobs’s set was completely stark except for two lines of folding chairs. What he did require was city permits in order to close the sidewalk and curb outside the Park Avenue Armory, where the models continued their catwalk.

Here’s the lowdown on the key sets, by the numbers.


1,500: Number of hours required to build the orchid extravaganza set.

15: Approximate number of florists working in 24 shifts on-site.

100,000: Number of orchids displayed.

14: Number of days the set stayed up. It was extended from the original four-day plan due to consumer demand.



2: Number of city permits needed to use the sidewalk and curb outside the Park Avenue Armory.



90,000: Number of square feet in the park used as a set.

800: Linear feet of fencing.

885: Length of the runway in feet.

20: Custom Tommy Hilfiger lollipops.

77: Creative collaborators such as roller skaters (15), skateboarders (16) fire dancers (16), stilt walkers (9), Hula-hoop illusionists (4), unicyclists (8), musicians (8) and drum circle players (5).



21: Number of days required to build the entire set.

26.2: Height (in feet) of the mirrored pyramid.

394: Length (in feet) of the Plexiglass tunnel.

13,993: Square footage of the purple covering of the entire show venue.



10,765: Square footage of the courtyard of the brand’s future headquarters where the show took place.

5,800: Square footage of the pyramidal risers.

15: Height (in meters) of the installation from the floor to the highest part of the crystal roof.

10: Days it took to put in place.



4 Weeks: Amount of time to build the rocket set.

8: Days it took to construct the set in the Grand Palais.

37: Central steel pillar height (in meters).

47: The diameter (in meters) of podium, which was 1.2 meters in height.

270: Length (in meters) of total catwalk.

2: Width (in meters) of catwalk.

64: Elevation of catwalk (in centimeters).

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