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Donatella Versace
Favorite holiday memory?
“The wonderful family gatherings we had with my brother, Gianni, when my children were young. He was such fun and entertaining, and he really loved being with his niece and nephew.”
Gifts you’ll give? “Sometimes I cheat and give friends some of my favorite pieces from my current collection. Whatever I give, though, is chosen with that person’s taste very much in mind.”
What will you be eating…and where? “I’ll be with my family in a secret exotic location! On the 24th we usually have spaghetti with muscles followed by sea bass and then on the 25th, a turkey with chestnut sauce and mini tortellini.”

Narciso Rodriguez
Favorite holiday memory?
“Holidays spent in the sun in Northern Brazil.”
Gifts you’ll give? “Marc Jacobs-designed T-shirts to benefit Aid for AIDS.”
And on your wish list? “Donations to Aid for AIDS.”

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Diane von Furstenberg
Favorite holiday memory?
“My first Christmas in New York when I was pregnant with my son. Just married, pregnant, in a new world!”
Gifts you’ll give? “I try to give people things they will like…and things that will remind them of me.”
And on your wish list? “The things I love most are the personal notes I get from the members of my family….I have taught my kids and grandkids the power of words and wishes!”

Yvan Mispelaere, Diane von Furstenberg
Gift you’ll give?
“I have always been the ‘spoiling uncle’ who knows exactly the ‘cool item of the moment’ and giving what their parents didn’t want them to wear!”
And on your wish list? “This year I received the best gift I would ever dream of: a three-month-old sweet little black puppy, Nerina, who just arrived home!”
What will you be eating….and where? “My mum’s famous Bûche de Noël, a traditional pastry made of butter, chocolate and cream. Then for New Year’s Day in Greece with my partner’s family for traditional karithopita, a walnut pie with lots of whipped cream!”

Inés de la Fressange
Favorite holiday memory?
“I remember a Christmas where my grandmother was alone so I spent the evening with her. She had put on a gorgeous black lace dress, her three-strand pearl necklace, and with her white hair and her eyes sparkling from Champagne, she was absolutely charming and full of good cheer. She fell asleep early, happy, and I ended up at midnight mass by myself, but it remains a very sweet memory.”
What’s on your wish list? “A subscription for a bouquet of flowers every week for a year, a brown square ring from Adelline, a large red Hermès Birkin bag spotted at a vintage store, the Celine Trapeze bag in navy blue and brown, an iPod because mine are always getting stolen…so many exorbitantly priced things but I’m fairly sure that my boss, Diego Della Valle, will be sending me all of the above given the success of Roger Vivier!”

Freida Pinto, actress
Favorite holiday memory?
“It has to be this Christmas, going around all of the Christmas markets in Paris and London. In Bombay, we celebrate Christmas, but it’s not all out in the way it’s done here.”
Gifts you’ll give? “Goodness knows, I’ve only gotten as far as greeting cards.”
And on your wish list? “Loads of sleep.”

Donna Karan
Favorite holiday memory?
“We used to go to Sun Valley all the time. One Christmas, I had Barbra [Streisand] and Liza [Minnelli], and there was a huge storm and we were all stuck in the house. There was a piano and Liza got up, playing it, singing and saying, ‘Barbra, would you sing?’ She said, ‘I don’t sing in public.’ I had to sing for Barbra. I had shown a men’s wear collection with sarong skirts and tailored jackets. Stephan [Weiss] was wearing the red scarf with a Garrison belt.”
Gifts you’ll give? “The gift of love and thanks. It’s been a year of reflection and appreciation.”
Holiday travels? “Haiti, with a stop in Parrot Cay. Thank God they’re only 45 minutes away from each other.”

Angela Missoni
Favorite holiday memory?
“The last is always the favorite. I spent my past Christmas in Australia.”
Gifts you’ll give? “Works of young contemporary artists, or interesting and not necessarily expensive objects, collectible pieces of design.”
And on your wish list? “A vacation already booked for me and my boyfriend.”
What will you be eating…and where? “Vol-au-vent filled with a special sauce, consommé with sliced omelettes, stuffed roasted capon, boiled meat with spicy fruits mustard, panettone with mascarpone at my parent’s house.”

Christopher Bailey, Burberry Prorsum
Favorite holiday memory?
“I have a really traditional Christmas with my family and my friends — that sense of everyone wanting to be together and enjoying each other.”
Gifts you’ll give? “My family is boringly predictable. They always want me to get them Burberry things.”
What will you be eating…and where? “So much chocolate, and I love mulled wine. I’ll probably have eight to 10 Christmas dinners. Everywhere I go, that’s what I order.”

Lela Rose
Favorite holiday memory?
“My mother would give us a ‘string gift’ every year. She would wrap the end of a string in a little box and I would wind myself around the house following it, over door frames, under stairs, in and out doors. At the end of the string was the gift. My favorite was when there were about 12 Steiff animals placed in a tree like furry ornaments.”
What will you be eating…and where? “We are spending Christmas in New York City and then heading off to Jackson Hole the day after. For Christmas breakfast, I’m making the same meal my mother has made every year: an upside-down pear gingerbread cake, grapefruit and orange ambrosia, and a sausage, cheese and egg casserole.”

Abigail Spencer, actress
Favorite holiday memory?
“When Santa hid our presents via a giant scavenger hunt. It was like ‘Goonies’ invaded our house and the treasure map sent us down slides (steps) into hidden passageways (the hall closet). I finally found mine hidden under the kitchen sink. It was a fur coat! A fake, no doubt.”
Gifts you’ll give? “I’ll be giving my son a plethora of planes, trains and automobiles.”
And on your wish list? “Time with my son, mother and all my family in Florida, and charitable donations to are always amazing. And raising all the funds for my production company Innerlight Films’ first movie.”


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Erin Wasson, model
Favorite holiday memory?
“Decorating. Mama Wasson loves her some Christmas!”
Gifts you’ll give? “Undivided attention and home-cooked meals.”
And on your wish list? “A pony.”
What will you be eating…and where? “A combo of home-cooked food and good old Tex-Mex in Texas!”

Marcus Wainwright and David Neville, Rag & Bone
Gifts you’ll give? Wainwright:
“Giganotosaurus and a Bat Cave for my boys, and Jo Malone candles for friends and family.”
Neville: “Bonpoint holiday dress for my daughter Gray and a Rag & Bone down jacket for my mum.”
And on your wish list? Wainwright: “Fuji X100 Camera.”
Neville: “Cycling shoes for my SoulCycle classes, a new tennis bag because the one Marcus gave me for my birthday is luminous yellow and a hand-stitched leather cover for the bannister in my apartment.”
What will you be eating…and where? Wainwright: “I will be staying in Brooklyn with Glenna and the kids. We have a big turkey and Christmas pudding, that’s the English way.”
Neville: “We will have a vegetarian Christmas in Pittsburgh with Gucci’s family and then head off to Beaver Creek, Colo.”

Josie Natori
Favorite holiday memory?
“The first Christmas for Kenneth, our son, and the first Christmas for Cruzzie, our grandson!”
What will you be eating…and where? “We will be hosting for all our family who are in New York at our apartment…we’ll be eating a Filipino feast for Christmas Eve which includes a suckling pig, paella and a traditional Natori Christmas dinner with turkey, ham, poached salmon, every side dish imaginable and a zillion desserts!”

Yeohlee Teng
Favorite holiday memory?
“The beach, coconut trees, curry chicken on white bread, swimming and rock climbing.”
Gifts you’ll give? “Homemade jam, apples, string, beeswax candles — anything from the farmers’ market.”
And on your wish list? “Time, and lots of it.”
What will you be eating…and where? “Roast goose, potato pancakes, apple sauce — out in Sagaponack.”

Hannah Bronfman
Favorite holiday memory?
“When my little brother was born I was so excited about his first Christmas that I took him all around the house with me and explained everything about Christmas! He doesn’t remember but I do.”
Gifts you’ll give? “Silk pajamas, sweaters and a few monogrammed trinkets.”

Miles Aldridge, photographer
Favorite holiday memory? “Every Christmas morning my sister and I used to take an early morning walk over Hampstead Heath to prolong the excitement of opening our presents.”
Gifts you’ll give? “No idea yet. I tend to do all my shopping in a mad panic on Christmas Eve just as the shops are closing.”
What will you be eating…and where? “Turkey in London.”

Ralph Rucci
Favorite holiday memory?
“Being totally worry-less, all caught up in the wonder of the magical man who arrives during the night bringing presents.”
Gifts you’ll give? “Little items to each member of my team showing my appreciation for their solidarity.”
What will you be eating…and where? “A traditional meal — capon, chestnut stuffing, fresh cranberry, Italian ricotta pie, pumpkin pie. Usually Christmas is at my house in New York but this year I will be at my father’s in Philadelphia.”

Rebecca Minkoff
Favorite holiday memory?
“A few years ago my brother Max got married over the holidays and he decided to take a ‘family moon’ instead of a honeymoon so the entire family and extended family went skiing together for a week.”
What will you be eating…and where? “A secret family recipe for roasted chicken and potato latkes at my family house in Florida.”

Ashley Smith, model
Favorite holiday memory?
“Every year I would make my grandma drive me to the surrounding neighborhoods to see all the pretty decorated front lawns and houses. We would do it for an hour or so with my sister and just talk.”
What will you be eating…and where? “I’ll probably be in Austin, eating what my family calls ‘pink stuff.’ It’s strawberries with cottage cheese, pineapple, cherry Jello mix, Cool Whip and shredded coconut all stirred together. Yum!”

Nicole Miller
Favorite holiday memory?
“When my son was old enough to believe in Santa Claus.”
Gifts you’ll give? “Products I designed on my trip to Africa. I partnered with Indego Africa and women artisans in Rwanda on a fair trade basis.”
And on your wish list? “All kinds of kitchen gadgets.”
What will you be eating…and where? “First I am heading to the Berkshires for Christmas where my sister will make a fabulous meal. I am bringing the foie gras and escargot. Then off to Aspen.”

Patricia van der Vliet, model
Favorite holiday memory?
“Ice-skating with my mom, dad and brother in the town where I grew up and everyone having hot chocolate after.”
What’s on your wish list? “I’m hoping to get Carine Roitfeld’s new book, ‘Irreverent,’ preferably the limited edition from Colette. And tickets to a Drake concert because I’m such a big fan.”
What will you be eating…and where? “Everything that comes my way! No dieting during the holidays in Holland!”

Colleen Bell
Gifts you’ll give?
“I am giving my husband everything he will need to show outdoor surf movies at our house in Malibu: an Epson movie projector, beanbag chairs and a popcorn-maker on wheels.”
And on your wish list? “A sueded crocodile Proenza Schouler PS1 tote, a Moncler ski jacket, flying lessons.”
What will you be eating…and where? “Christmas Eve we are cross-country skiing to a lodge outside of Aspen called Pine Creek Cook House. Half the fun is skiing in the dark with miners lights attached to your hat.”

Emanuela de Paula, model
Gifts you’ll give?
“Lots of love.”
And on your wish list? “A karaoke machine.”
What will you be eating…and where? “I’ll be in Brazil with my family, definitely eating some delicious food that my aunt and grandmom will cook.”


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