ARLINGTON, Va. — The American Apparel Manufacturers Association has issued a report encouraging apparel manufacturers to make better use of point-of-sale data.

The report, released this month, is called “Using Point-of-Sale Data.” It was produced by the AAMA’s Management Systems Committee.

“With the development of Quick Response, point-of-sale information has taken on an even greater emphasis and importance to the apparel manufacturer,” an AAMA official said. “It is, in fact, one of the cornerstones to making QR work.

“In today’s POS environment, the apparel manufacturer has the opportunity to receive data specific to the needs and requirements of its own products, and to use this data that was once considered outside the reach of normal Management Information Systems operations.”

The AAMA said the report gives manufacturer MIS managers ideas about how to use POS data productively. The report also discusses the pros and cons for both retailer and manufacturer of employing POS data to alter replenishment and production schedules.

The report has been sent to all AAMA members. Additional copies are available for $15 to members; the non-member cost is $30. Interested parties may contact the AAMA at 2500 Wilson Blvd., suite 301, Arlington, Va. 22201.

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