LOS ANGELES — ABS by Allen B. Schwartz is looking up+to the luxury market, that is.

The contemporary unit of The Warnaco Group will launch a new luxury division called Allen B. to be unveiled on Sunday at the Intermezzo Collections in New York, according to president Allen B. Schwartz.

Distribution is aimed at upscale retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, as well as high-end specialty stores such as Curve and Theodore. The collection will not be available in ABS’s five freestanding units.

“It won’t be geared to Macy’s or the Bloomingdale’s customer,” said Schwartz. “ABS services those stores but [with Allen B.] I can grow other opportunities — fly and flex.”

Bergdorf’s already has placed orders for the new line, said Schwartz. He said he expects to sell Allen B. to about 300 A-line stores and that it will pull in between $4 million and $6 million in sales during its first year.

The collection will be comprised of luxury separates, including satin shirtings, velvet, stretch suede, cords and items with leather trim. Denim items will have the latest in waistbands, leg treatments and embellishments such as grommets and rhinestones. There will be a camel’s hair asymmetrical car coat, a leather stitched skirt and low-rider camouflage jeans.

“It will have all the important pieces in the best fabrics,” he said.

Price points will land somewhere between $150 and $300 at retail. Schwartz said the Allen B. target customer is aged 25 to 60, travels, is in good physical shape and has respect for value.

“This line is about attitude,” he added. “This is not about playing it safe. [The customer] is cutting edge. She’s classic with a twist. She wants that new crotch and that new lower waist. She’s not 16, but she’s fit and she wants to show it.”

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