ATLANTA — Adidas and the National Basketball Association have launched the Adidas NBA Heritage Week Collection to coincide with NBA Heritage Week December 7-14 when the NBA and its teams honor the history of basketball.

The line includes retro Hardwood Classics Nights jerseys, footwear, tees and headwear. The signature piece in the collection is the Adidas NBA Heritage Week Banner Jacket, which features patches replicating all of the team’s past championship banners on the back.

Basketball got its start in 1891 when Dr. James Naismith fastened two peach baskets to a 10-foot-high railing.

Nine teams participating in Hardwood Classics Nights this season will sport the adidas NBA Heritage Week Banner Jackets as part of their on-court warm-ups. Throughout the season, 41 regular season games will feature one or both teams wearing retro uniforms.

During Heritage Week and additional Hardwood Classics Nights throughout the season, the nine teams that will wear retro uniforms are the Boston Celtics (1956-57 Road), Chicago Bulls (1995-96 Second Road), Detroit Pistons (1957-58 Home), Golden State Warriors (1974-75 Road), Houston Rockets (1994-95 Home), Los Angeles Lakers (1987-88 Home), Miami Heat (1988-89 Home), New York Knicks (1972-73 Home), and Philadelphia 76ers (1982-83 Home).

The collection is on sale at the world famous NBA Store on Fifth Avenue in New York City,,, Champs locations, and team shops.

In addition to the Heritage Week Collection, the event next week features games with teams wearing retro uniforms, classic rivalries, team celebrations, features, and NBA TV specials. During the week, NBA teams will celebrate memorable seasons, rivalries, championships, anniversaries, and historic moments through special ceremonies and promotions. Six nationally televised games will feature seven teams wearing retro uniforms and warm-up gear.

“Heritage Week expands upon our tradition of Hardwood Classics Nights with a celebration of our history,” said Carol Albert, the NBA’s senior vice-president of marketing. “This is an opportunity to recognize the achievements of so many players, coaches and teams who have helped shape today’s game, while also providing fans an opportunity to celebrate previous eras of basketball.”