People walk into the lobby for Amazon offices in New York.

LONDON — Amazon bespoke?

Amazon Fashion is taking cue from Savile Row tailors and couturiers alike, offering consumers the chance to customize their T-shirts with a service called Made for You, which launches today.

The digital giant said it is ditching traditional size ranges and employing virtual-fit technology that allows customers to create T-shirts to their exact measurements and style preferences at a cost of $25.

The company said it’s offering “the most accurate technology to incorporate a virtual body double. Customers can use it to visualize a T-shirt’s look and fit before they purchase, thereby solving online challenges like size and fit.”

The service will be available to all Amazon customers in the U.S. and can be accessed via the Amazon app.

After providing their height, weight, body style and two photos of themselves, customers are measured for a “custom” fit. They can then choose from eight colors, pick their preferred sleeve and shirt lengths, necklines and fabrics.

Amazon said the service takes minutes and customers will be able to visualize the T-shirt on a virtual body double before placing their order.

Customization is proving a major trend in luxury and other segments of the market, and Amazon already offers specialized services aimed at enhancing the customer experience.

Designers and brands on the Luxury Stores app can use a “View in 360” service, which allows customers to spin styles around and see them from all angles, replicating the in-store experience.

The T-shirt customization service will also be another rich source of data for Amazon, which already knows all about customer’s shopping habits and daily routines.