PARIS — Ana Luiza Pessoa de Queiroz, a popular figure on the fashion scene here, died on Monday morning after a long illness, WWD has learned. She was in her 60s.

Born in Brazil, Pessoa de Queiroz opened her showroom on Rue de Braque in 2001 and moved it to the 5 Rue Cambon in 2013. She’s credited for helping propel the careers of designers including Rabih Kayrouz, Augustin Téboul, Anne Valérie Hash, Jean-Paul Knott and Ilaria Nistri.

Rabih Kayrouz, who had worked with Pessoa de Queiroz since 2009 when he set up his studio in Paris, praised the fashion agent for “her precise eye and humane approach” in what is a tough industry.

“With her, it was not just about the business. She was very sympathetic to the designers, simple and fair and very intuitive. I liked when she came into the studio, looked at a piece and her eyes began to shine. That was a very honest reaction,” said Kayrouz, who also befriended Pessoa de Queiroz outside of work. “We definitely had a connection.”

Kayrouz also noted how the late fashion maven was a fighter till the end. “She took her illness with humor, called it ‘a beast that needs to go away.’ She used to be back at work just hours after her chemo ended, always in such good spirits – a positive thinker until the end.”

“She’s been very important for me. She carried my first collection,” Hash said. “She was brave, trusting her instincts and taste and fighting for the designers she believed in.”

“She was talented, perspicacious, full of energy and optimism. We called her the warrior,” said Sandrine Aouizerate, the showroom’s commercial manager.

She is survived by a husband and two daughters.

Services are to be held at the Saint-Germain-des-Prés church in Paris on March 11 at 10:30 a.m. local time.