Anine Bing

Anine Bing wants to be “the next modern-day fashion house.”

With 11 global stand-alone stores and plans to open in Miami and Sydney, the eponymous company cofounded by Bing and Annika Meller seems well on its way.

“From a business standpoint, we’re profitable,” said the company’s chief operating officer Meller. “We want to make sure that we control our own destiny and we want to be around in not only five years but in 50 years’ time. We have a very ambitious goal of being the next modern-day fashion house and we’re going to continue to achieve that goal.”

Anine Bing launched in 2012 with a small team comprised of Bing, Meller and Nicolai Nielsen, selling women’s clothing by appointment only. What began in a small garage in Silver Lake, quickly expanded, resulting in its first store in 2014. Today, Anine Bing operates stores in New York City, Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades in California, Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona and Berlin.

Meller said, “Retail is still working. You just have to do it a little bit different and [retail] continues to be very profitable for us. We’re cash flow positive after just six months of opening doors. We have more to come this year and even next.”

The label also sells direct to consumer and now launches products every Tuesday. “We’ve done the see-now-buy-now approach from Day One,” Bing said. “Direct to consumer is how it started and we drop new styles every week so we keep it exciting and relevant that way and I’m always so inspired and always come up with new ideas and new styles so I feel like we’re on a good roll.”

Born in Denmark and raised in Sweden, Bing modeled as a teenager, moved to Los Angeles, made music in a band and eventually started a blog, where she shared her outfits. Her following was interested in her versatile style that translated “from day to night, dropping off my kids at school but then going into a board meeting and then going out for drinks at night with my friends.” This inspired her to start her own line.

“People liked coming for inspiration and they always asked me what I was wearing and wanted to know more and that sparked the idea to start the fashion line in 2012,” Bing said. “When I launched the brand, it was really a lot about me, what I was wearing and it was very focused on me.”

Bing served as the ambassador of her namesake label from the very beginning, but today, the Anine Bing community includes ‘Anine Bing Muses,’ a hashtag for fans to share how they style Anine Bing. The program is a new way for the creative to interact with her fans and also cater to her customer, international women ages 25 to 44.

“We love to listen to our community,” Meller said. “I feel like [Anine] has such a strong vision for the aesthetic of the brand, but we definitely use our community in regards to where we should be opening our next stores to give us ideas.”

Bing added, “If they love a pair of boots, we’ll create them in the color they request. We listen to them, but we also just stay very true to who we are as a brand so it’s a very fine line I would say.”

In regards to the future, Bing said, “We want to take over the world. We want to open more stores, just continue creating amazing clothes and there’s lots of different categories that we’re looking to get into we just want to continue loving what we’re doing.”

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