How’s this for a glamorous power couple? Emanuel Ungaro and French film icon Anouk Aimée. Long before his name became synonymous with a revolving door of creative heads, Ungaro was quite the ladies’ man. “Women find him as swooningly irresistible as they do his seductive clothes, and his Provençal Italian charm drives some of them to a frenzy,” wrote WWD on April 16, 1984, noting that his current passion was the “La Dolce Vita” actress. “They have Paris fashion’s hottest — albeit only — storybook romance. She wears his clothes and his perfume, and is rarely seen in Paris or New York without him. In his company, she shows a coquette’s appetite for flattery, which he frequently delivers in an orotund style that borders, at times, on the outrageous.”

WWD detailed how, during their New York interview, Ungaro often took the lead in answering questions. Aimée followed, “echoing his words and phrases, even correcting his English, but volunteering mysteriously little of herself.”

This story first appeared in the December 8, 2010 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

Asked to comment about their romance, Ungaro said, “There is no answer to that,” while Aimée sharply replied, “Let’s take the next page.” Ungaro then chimed back in: “The cello would have an answer. The dialog between the violin and the cello in the string quartet — it’s like a beautiful love affair.” He added protectively, “She’s very shy, even if she is a diva. She’s a shy diva.”

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