In 1974, WWD interviewed Lauren Hutton, who celebrates her birthday today, after her first P.A. for Revlon’s Ultima II brand, which she would go on to plug for the next decade. “OK, did everything go all right out there?” asked Hutton, after the meet-and-greet at Lord & Taylor’s Manhattan flagship. “This is my first time on one of these things, and I’m nervous.” Here are more of Hutton’s thoughts from that April 19 interview.

• On abandoning her early art ambitions: “I realized I’d never get on canvas what I had in my head. I wouldn’t be great. If I weren’t going to be great, I wouldn’t do it.”

This story first appeared in the November 17, 2010 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

• On the rumored affair with Revlon founder Charles Revson: “That is obvious. He is definitely getting a divorce and, with my contract signed at Revlon about the same time, it is easy to see why people might speculate on the two of us.”

• On being even-keeled: “I read, I talk a lot, I get it out of my system. I don’t go to a shrink. I eventually sort it out myself.”

• On aging: “I don’t really care. As long as I’m getting older and changing for the better, the changes will show up on my face.”

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