A style from Aquazzura's exclusive Capri collection

LONDON — The popular accessories label Aquazzura has forged ahead with the opening of its boutique in Capri, Italy.

International travel might still be limited and fashion companies are still very much feeling the effects of global lockdowns, but it’s time to “try and start moving forward and exhibiting some hope and positivity,” according to the label’s founder and creative director Edgardo Osorio.

For Osorio, who also has boutiques in cities like London, New York, Dubai, Doha and Florence, the opening was a special one as he counts the Italian island as one of his favorite places in the world, and dreamt up the name of his brand while staring into its blue waters.

He designed the store with the colors and the vibrant spirit of Capri in mind. Together with interior designer Marie-Anne Oudejans, Osorio worked to create “an explosion of seaside atmospheres” into the space with pastel colors, coral sculptures, and a hand-painted ceiling depicting elements symbolic of Capri, from ship ropes, to lemons, oranges, flowers and clovers.

There’s also an exclusive summer capsule designed for the new boutique, featuring flat and heeled sandals embellished with rainbow-hued crystals or charming strawberry and butterfly charms.


Aquazzura Capri boutique

An illustration of the new Aquazzura Capri boutique.  Courtesy Photo

Here’s the big question: Will Capri’s regular crowd of glamorous travelers be around to shop?

“My expectations of who could visit the Capri boutique this summer have changed; the tourists usually expected to flock to the island may not be visiting just yet, but I believe that Capri is Capri for a reason, and once people are able to do so, I am hopeful tourists will return and once again visit this magical place,” noted Osorio, who also has a series of exclusive monthly drops planned for the boutique.

The label has also created a series of moving illustrations of the boutique, and a guide to Capri, with Osorio’s favorite spots — they range from La Fontelina Beach Club to the Hotel Quisisana for spicy margaritas  — to get customers excited from afar.

“We have found ourselves implementing new shopping experiences and procedures that not only elevate the physical stores, but also enhance our digital platforms,” said the designer. “I think we do not need so many stores, but a few [doors] in key locations and traveling destinations. After Capri our next adventure shall be Venice.”

Like many designers, Osorio shifted his design process online during lockdown and went live on Instagram to talk to his audience about shoes, but also about other hobbies and life at home.

A style from Aquazzura's exclusive Capri collection

A style from Aquazzura’s exclusive Capri collection.  Courtesy Photo

The shifts in lifestyles helped him renew his views on communications strategies and expanding his world beyond shoes.

“The past few weeks have been some of the most creative in my life. Suddenly, my mind was clear, and I could really put things into perspective. I began to think of how I wanted my life to change and how I saw the future of my business,” he said.

“The most important thing is that the future of fashion communication needs to be more inclusive and about the customer; not only a small group of industry professionals and influencers. Whether digital or physical presentations, these should be about giving emotion to the customer through our final product.”

To that end, he is plotting category launches including costume jewelery, bags, accessories and a men’s collection for later this year. An Aquazzura Home Collection is in the works for next year’s Milan Design Week.