NEW YORK — Now that all the major beauty e-tailers have launched their Web sites, what are customers clamoring for when it comes to cosmetics online?
For the most part, the merchandise on these sites is limited to independent brands. Many of the major names have yet to jump online or are restricting their Web sales to their own sites. The Estee Lauder brand is working on its Internet strategy, Lancome launched an e-commerce site earlier this month and Clinique is sold only at
This strategy has given the indie brands a chance to shine. At places like Sephora, brands big and small are on equal footing, but in some department stores, indie brands remain second-class citizens, stuck in an unmanned corner in an undesirable part of the beauty floor.
The following are the top best-selling cosmetic lines for five of the leading beauty e-tailers. The rankings are for the month of October, except for, which went live in early November, and, which launched in mid-October.

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