Byline: Rusty Williamson

DALLAS — A quick-turn strategy is the key to growth for a contemporary sportswear and dress house.
Parameter, which is making its debut for spring, is angling for $3.5 million in first-year volume by zooming in quickly on the latest runway trends.
“We plan to take market share from the big established players in the contemporary market with a fast turn on trends,” said Joseph Pascale, creative director at Parameter, a division of New York-based dress house Rina Rossi.
“We’ll revamp a whole collection if we see something on the runway and we don’t have it. Contemporary customers, especially women 20 to 40, crave the latest styles. And they’re willing to pay for it if the look, the fit and fabric is right.”
Pascale, who left his post as design director at the contemporary sportswear house Catalyst, New York, to help launch Parameter, observed that being too conservative with styling can be a costly error in a hotly competitive marketplace.
“It’s a mistake to hold back. I don’t want to walk away from business,” he said.
For spring, the 50-piece collection reflects current fashion passions, including bias-cut dresses and skirts; Indian and Pakistani influences, such as beaded and mirror-adorned silhouettes; Latin references, including ruffled trims and hemlines and sexy, strappy tops, and opulent items, like iridescent silk taffeta tie-front shirts and matching skinny skirts.
Pants come in a plethora of styles, from cigarette-thin to bell-bottom billowy.
Wholesale prices hover between $39 for a body-conscious knit shirt to $170 for a detailed jacket. Pants and skirts are $69 to $89, while dresses are $79 to $140.
Pascale hopes to sell the line to women’s specialty stores as well as department store chains by offering a diverse lineup that can be customized to buyers’ criteria. He also plans to produce new collections on a monthly basis to stay in tune with breaking fashion trends.
Pascale said he’ll be able to achieve a fast turn when a trend emerges because parent Rina Rossi has ready access to global piece goods, and fabrics can be quickly sent to New York’s garment district, where Parameter is produced.
Parameter is shown in Dallas at Brad Hughes & Associates. Company headquarters are in New York at 240 West 37th Street.