Byline: Laura Klepacki

UNIONDALE, N.Y. — Sally Hansen says it has developed a new top coat that will make nails sparkle like diamonds.
Mega Shine — slated to roll out in January to between 16,000 to 18,000 doors — delivers a shine eight times greater than any currently available clear polishes, according to marketing executives.
“You put it on and you can see your face in it,” declared Mona Monaghan, senior vice president and general manager for Sally Hansen Group, a division of Del Laboratories here.
Mega Shine, an extended-wear polish, is intended to protect nails for up to eight days while its quick-dry formula “helps dry polish from top to the base in under 60 seconds,” said Monaghan. A bottle has a suggested retail of $5.95.
Del did not make projections, but industry sources indicate that the company expects first-year sales of Mega Shine to reach $5 million retail. The launch will be driven by an advertising budget of $4 million to $5 million.
“Our intent is to introduce products that are problem solvers,” said Monaghan. Mega Shine comes on the heels of Del’s new Teflon Tuff item, an extra strength nail protector made with Teflon. It has been a hot seller for Del since its launch this spring, and sources expect the line to reap sales of $11 million retail by yearend. Teflon Tuff has proven so successful that the company is reformulating its New Lengths nail color line with Teflon Tuff technology and adopting the Teflon Tuff name.
In addition to nail treatment and nail color, Sally Hansen is a leader in the bleaches, waxes and depilatories category. Now, Dan Wassong, Del chairman, president and chief executive, is eyeing taking the brand into other areas, such as niche skin care, hand care and foot care.
“Sally Hansen,” said Wassong, “can be expanded into other categories based on its strength in waxes and nails.” Del executives said the company already has a patent pending for a Sally Hansen pedicure item.
Sally Hansen is also beefing up its advertising plans. For the first time, Del will test using TV ads for Sally Hansen items, beginning with spots for Teflon Tuff, expected to break in six to 10 markets in January. “We want to see how high is up,” commented Bill McMenemy, executive vice president of marketing at Del. Sally Hansen currently has a 56.9 percent share of the nail treatment category, according to data supplied by Del.
Wassong said Del — whose other businesses include Naturistics, NYC New York Color, Corn Silk and some fragrances — is also interested in building business through acquisitions. “We want to buy established brands that can be expanded into demand brands,” he said. Additionally the company is exploring online opportunities with e-commerce retailers. “But we would not sell on our own site,” Wassong stressed.
Meanwhile, Del’s NYC New York Color line, which rolled out last fall, may be expanded internationally with France, China, Japan and India as likely markets. In the U.S., McMenemy thinks the brand has potential to eventually secure a 6 percent share of the $3 billion mass color cosmetics category. The company is also considering licensing the NYC name and is currently in talks with an eyewear maker.
A marketing executive for the line said, she has received, “lots of interest” in promotional use of the name.