PLANNING FOR LONGEVITY: The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association has set the schedule for its “Active and Ageless” event, which will be held Oct. 1 and 2 at the Sheraton Hotel in Manhattan.
The program is designed to help retailers and manufacturers cater to the 72 million Americans who are 50 or older, said Maria Stefan, executive director of the SGMA. The event will also marks the United Nations’ International Year of Older Persons.
There will be a symposium on Oct. 1 entitled “The Changing Shape of Fashion.” There will be discussions about activewear made of “smart fabrics” designed to regulate the wearer’s body temperature, shield against the sun’s ultraviolet rays and help reduce stress; the need to design clothes for maturing bodies, and marketing to the mature market.
Symposium participants include Julia Alvarez, the U.N. Ambassador from the Dominican Republic Mission; CFDA chairman Stan Herman; designer Norma Kamali; Women’s World Cup chairwoman Donna de Varona; model Christine Alt; MIT’s Media Lab director Alex Pentland; trend forecaster David Wolfe, and former New York Met Jerry Koosman.
An intergenerational fashion show on Oct. 1 will feature activewear from Adidas, Active Apparel Group, New Balance, Russell, Reebok, Tyr, Kellwood, Kmart and Jantzen, among other brands.
On Oct. 2, there will be a 2.5-mile walk in Central Park in conjunction with the World Health Organization, which has organized similar walks in 400 cities.
Yecies Associates, a New York marketing company, is coordinating the event’s reservations for the SGMA.

WIDE WEB OF SPORTS: As part of its relaunch,, a three-year-old web site devoted to women’s sports and fitness activities, now has colorful graphics, more news, beat-the-clock trivia games and consumer surveys.
The site’s home page now features an icon for the Danskin Triathlon series, which it sponsors. Participants in the Danskin triathlon can now register online for the first time. Triathletes can also check out maps of the various race courses.
An article about the history of the sports bra is currently posted on the site and other activewear-oriented articles will periodically be featured. Elite athletes such as pro softball player Julie Smith and fencer Sharon Montplaisir are writing articles for the site. The site is primarily informational, but next year the company plans to get into e-commerce, said Daniel Kron, founder and creative director of the New York company.
“The future of our site is definitely e-commerce. We own a community that many companies want access to,” he said.

JUNO STEPS OUT: Juno, a new line of performance-oriented outdoor apparel, will be shipped to 50 specialty stores later this month.
The Colchester, Vt.-based manufacturer specializes in looks for winter sports especially skiing, hiking and ice climbing, a Juno spokesman said.
The 16-piece fall line features hooded ripstop nylon jackets, down jackets, stretch nylon ski pants and Lycra spandex blend leggings. Hats and briefs are also offered. Wholesale prices range from $25 to $185.
First-year projected wholesale volume is $500,000, according to Carolyn Cook who founded the company with Poppy Gall.