NEW YORK — “One big thing our customer responds to is exclusivity,” said Lynne Ronon, senior vice president and general merchandise manager at Saks Fifth Avenue, summing up the reason for the midday party at the flagship store here last week promoting Toronto-based designer Joeffer Caoc.
Saks has Caoc’s Misura collection exclusively in the U.S. and initially placed it in three doors for fall. In New York, the sportswear line is showcased in a 400-square-foot shop adjacent to such lines as Theory, Laundry and ICB on a floor housing contemporary and advanced designers.
“It was new, and it was different,” Ronon said of the Misura line. “Hopefully, we can build on that and look at other doors.”
Caoc, 28, described his customer as someone who is “a forward-thinking fashion customer.” Take Jeanne Beker, star of the Canadian show “Fashion Television,” who filmed the Saks appearance for a profile on Misura to air in late September.
“I wear his stuff on the air,” she said. “I”m a great supporter of Canadian fashion. We think Joe’s got something special.