Byline: Jody Jacobs, May 1968

Sonny and Cher haven’t changed their bag…nor their image (even though Sonny’s grown a moustache and dropped a few pounds). But nowadays, when the signing couple appears in public, it’s usually to help raise votes for Bobby Kennedy.
“America has got to quit dividing itself into two factions — the Young Generation and The Establishment. That applied to politics…and that’s why I’m in it,” Sonny says. His job and Cher’s is to “communicate with our contemporaries…to overcome the apathy so many of them feel toward politics.”
This is Cher’s first chance to vote for a president…she turns 22 May 20. “There are 12 million of me,” she says, referring to her age group…and, in a way, to her past attitude toward politics.
“I wasn’t going to vote. I was really bugged because there was nobody I wanted to vote for. Then Kennedy declared and I decided.” She hasn’t met Bobby yet…”but I think he’ll have the same kind of thing JFK had …and everybody else is a lot of jive….
“Before, I was concerned. Now, I’m trying to get involved. In the last year, things have gotten serious. We’re sitting on a keg of dynamite, and everybody is trying to look the other way hoping it won’t go off.”
Yet, Sonny insists his image has not changed.
“But the public thinks we’ve changed. It’s not like we are copping out,” Cher adds. We are going into a new phase. It’s the times that are changing. There’s no sense trying to shock people with the way you dress. They don’t shock easily anymore.”…
Both Sonny and Cher believe strongly in the power of show business in influencing people.
“Entertainers are a barometer,” says Sonny.
“Politics is going more Hollywood, more glamorous,” says Cher.
“You can entertain and educate at the same time,” says Sonny…and he’ll try it with his next film…or at least, make it a strong commentary on what is happening right now.”…
Some day, Sonny’s personal involvement in the world may lead him to run for office.
“I’d like that. Bobby felt impelled to get into this election. I understand that feeling,” he said.
Sitting beside the possible potential candidate, in the den of their elegantly decorated Bel Air home, sloe-eyed Cher says it so quietly:
“He’s going to be president.”
And she means it.