Byline: Ermina Stimson and June Weir, July 1963

Who Is America’s Most Elegant?
Beautiful Barbara Paley.
A lady of great taste and refinement — tall, slender, a classic brunette, so feminine and romantic — the youngest of three famous and stunning daughters of the late Boston brain surgeon, Harvey Cushing…the wife of William S. Paley, head of Columbia Broadcasting System…the mother of four children, who splits her time among her country estate “Kiluna Farm” on Long Island, Manhattan, trips abroad and summers in the New Hampshire woods…she is one of the great American beauties of all times….
Seated in a curved-back velvet chair — casually smoking a cigarette — The Most Elegant Mrs. Paley talks quickly, easily and articulately about fashion.
Being well dressed: “Neatness — which is grooming, after all — is definitely the most important requirement.”
Other elegant women: “Dee Dee Ryan, Diana Vreeland and, of course, Gloria Guinness.”
The Best Dressed List: “I’m glad I’ve retired to the Hall of Fame — but I do think Dee Dee should get a special award. She doesn’t buy a thing — yet everything she makes and puts on is so wonderful.”
Fashion favorites: Givenchy (“I went to him when he first opened”)…Squirrel (“It’s the most divine fur, but the greatest luxury is to have fur on the inside. Actually, I’m really not too fond of fur.”)… Pants (“I’m still one of those persons who prefers to wear pants, especially for at-home entertaining.”)
On Paris copies: “I’ve always wanted to go to Ohrbach’s the day they show their Paris copies, but something always happened and I’ve never made it — yet.”
American Favorites: “Norell is The Best (I can’t wear a size 12 except his). I go to Mainbocher too. Last year I went to Tassell’s collection and I like his clothes very much.”
On charity balls: “We never go to balls. I think they’re just hell — don’t you? My husband dislikes them as much as I do, so we just cut them out. Those poor men — their wives are just killing them — taking them to those charity balls after a hard day’s work.”