Byline: Bernadine Taub, April 1963

Clothes have gotten boring because women have been afraid to go away from the trend. A dozen years ago, there were at least 25 fashion leaders, each with her own look, each with her own following among other women, and with her influence on designers. Today, there is only one leader — Jacqueline Kennedy — who looks marvelous, but it is only one look.”
It is time, Scaasi insists, for fashion to break out of its conformity, if only because “you can’t sell a woman a dress for $800 today that looks like the dress she bought two years ago.
“The change is already happening in decorating, where homes are developing a personal, individual feeling, and there is no single style that is dominating everything.
“Today, the women look the same, but the homes look different. It used to be the homes were the same, but the people were different.
“If we are to get away from everyone looking alike, we must work with the customers again. I, as a designer, must get away from thinking what the buyer said to me, what my salesperson said to me. I must listen to the woman who wears the clothes. A look doesn’t happen out of the air — it comes from what someone wants or needs.”
The American woman is ready for a change, in his opinion. She is well educated about fashion. She must simply develop some self-assurance. She must be willing to look different, even though some will say she is in bad taste because their eyes are not accustomed to it.”