New York — Elbowgrease Ltd. has launched a product called The Body Pocket that targets customers with an active lifestyle.
The pockets are designed to attach around the arm, wrist or ankle and come in a variety of fabrics, including PVC, Neoprene, velvet, hemp, embossed rubber and Chinese jacquard.
The Body Pocket is available in two sizes. The smaller version, 5 by 3 inches, is for storing cosmetics, pagers, compact cell phones, keys, cigars and medication. The larger model, 6.5 by 3 inches, can hold standard cell phones, Personal Data Assistants, eyeglasses and cameras.
“I created the Body Pocket when I was snowboarding because I needed a place to put my allergy medication,” said Vincent Winters, executive vice president and designer for Elbowgrease.
“It’s a solution for people who need to keep their hands free, but need to keep their essentials with them and don’t want bulk.”
The line targets sports stores, specialty stores, telecommunication shops, hardware stores, tobacco shops and department stores. Winters expects the line to reach $1 million in sales by the end of next year. Wholesale prices are $8.50 for Neoprene models and $10 for fabric models.
The Body Pocket is the accessories division of Elbowgrease, a Greenlawn, N.Y., firm that makes T-shirts, sweatpants and hats.