Surf’s up! Sure Camilla Parker Bowles went to lunch at Brooke Astor’s on Wednesday. But earlier in the week, Camilla hit the beach at the East Hampton home of Scott Bessent, managing director of the Soros Fund. She even dove into the storm-whipped Atlantic for a little body-surfing. “The surf was a little rough,” said Bessent, at a reception for Prince Charles’s decorator, Robert Kime, Wednesday night in New York. “We almost lost an ADC [aide de camp] out there.” Other guests welcoming Camilla at the reception, hosted by John Rosselli, included Kime’s daughter, Hannah, as well as Astor, Annette de la Renta, Nancy Kissinger, Mica Ertegun, Audrey Gruss, Paola Cussi, Kenneth Jay Lane and Albert Hadley.

Susan Gutfreund — superstar. Gutfreund, a permanent fixture on the New York social scene, is just back from the London set of “The Golden Bowl,” another sumptuous period piece from her friends Ismail Merchant and James Ivory. The adaptation of Henry James’s novel stars Uma Thurman, Nick Nolte, Anjelica Huston, Kate Beckinsale and Jeremy Northam. Gutfreund, whose costumes included an opulent gold-embroidered gown, has a non-speaking part in a ball scene at the Lord Mayor’s House and another re-creating a performance of the Ballet Russe. “Unless,” she noted, “I end up on the proverbial cutting-room floor.”

Diana Ross, who was scheduled to attend Bob Mackie’s retrospective at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology Thursday night, did not make an entrance after all. But a crush of other Mackie fans did show, including Carol Burnett and Liza Minnelli.
“I feel so protected and safe in Bob’s hands,” Minnelli said as a throng of onlookers rushed forward, nearly toppling three security guards stationed there to keep the crowds back.
“I met Bob when I was 17,” Minnelli said. “He is very important to me because I was working on a special with my mom [Judy Garland] at the time, and everybody else cared about how she looked in this gown, and Bob was the only one who cared how I looked.”