NEW YORK — Klaus Steilmann, head of one of Germany’s largest apparel makers for more than four decades, will pass the reins to Joachim Vogt, the former chairman of Hugo Boss AG, on Oct. 1.
Steilmann, who founded The Steilmann Group more than 40 years ago, said he will retire from day-to-day operations, but will chair the company’s supervisory board. In a statement, Steilmann said he wants to focus on socio-political endeavors.
“The social transformation process in Eastern Europe is taking place under the exclusion of the public,” he said. “Governments in Western Europe do not feel responsible to render the necessary assistance. Corrective action must be taken here.”
Steilmann said Vogt, 47, was chosen as his successor because of his expertise in procurement and sales.
“For this task, we wanted the services of a branch expert who has the experience to lead a clothing enterprise operating on an international level and has already proven his capabilities,” his statement continued.
As reported, Vogt left Hugo Boss in November 1998 and Werner Baldessarini was named his successor.
In tandem with Vogt’s appointment, the Steilmann Group said it plans to streamline management and increase efficiency. Family members Ingrid Steilmann and Ute Steilmann plan to remain part of the management team. Cornelia Steilmann also remains an assistant to management.
Steilmann, with a global volume of $775 million, employs more than 18,000 worldwide. The firm does private label as well as a variety of branded lines for women, men and children.