Here’s what the stars had to say about Armani and his clothes:

Tina Turner: “I wear his clothes, and I love the style and the color. They’re classic and don’t get dated. I’m looking for the word — they’re timeless.”

Glenn Close: “I came to Milan just to show my support and say thank you. He’s been lending me clothes for about 15 years. I found the whole scene, the fashion show, kind of incredible. You know in movies, everything has been planned out months in advance, but here, wow! It all comes together at the last minute.”

Sophia Loren: “When you dress in Armani’s eveningwear you can be sure you’ll never look like a Christmas tree.”

Jean Reno: “I just started wearing Armani this year, and I have to say he dresses tall guys like me very well.”

Claire Forlani: “I’ve been wearing Armani for three years now, and he’s pretty much the only designer I wear.”

Vinessa Shaw: “Tonight, Armani inspired me to stop wearing so much black and start wearing color. Frankly, I just met him today at lunch at his palazzo.”