LYCRA MARKETING SHIFTS: DuPont early this month reorganized its Lycra management, dividing its vice presidents’ responsibilities by end-use market, rather than region.
Steve McCracken, president of the Lycra operation, explained that the shift was intended to better manage the increasingly complicated “global value chains” that dominate the apparel business.
“The intimate apparel business is more similar around the world than the intimate apparel business in Europe is to ready-to-wear in Europe,” he said. As an example of how the business has become more complicated, he explained that in the past in the hosiery business, Lycra might sell its fiber to a branded hosiery maker who would then sell that hosiery to a retailer.
In today’s business, he continued, a more common situation would be: “Our yarn goes into a converting operation, which goes to a commission knitter to a garment manufacturer to a packager, who links it to a garment brand who sells to a retailer.”
He said that with the reorganization, Lycra staffers would be better able to navigate these complicated waters.
The executives named to new vice presidential posts are: Dieter Siegel, formerly director for Europe, who heads up sales and marketing; Greg Vas Nunes, formerly director for North America, who now oversees ready-to-wear operations; Steph Van Kemenade, former director for the Asia-Pacific region, now responsible for intimate apparel, swimwear and activewear; Eduardo Wanick, formerly director of South America and now handling legwear, retail, fabric and garment sourcing, and Bill Ghitis, formerly global director of Dacron, now charged with new Lycra business development.
Ghitis previously reported to Harry Parker, vice president and general manager of DuPont Dacron, and now reports to McCracken. The other four will continue to report to McCracken.

WOOLMARK HEAD TO EXIT: The Woolmark Co. said that Wilbur H. “Pete” Peter plans to step down as director of the Americas by Oct. 1. A successor has not yet been named.
In the interim period, senior staff members will run the promotional organization’s New York office, according to Sarah McCann, manager of marketing information and planning.
In 1995, Peter took the helm of the American arm of the organization, then known as International Wool Secretariat.

NEW JPS INVESTOR: A private investor has taken a 9.9 percent stake in JPS Industries Inc., according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission Friday.
The schedule 13-D shows that JWA Investments Corp., JWA Investments LP and John W. Adams now hold 991,029 shares in the textile company. The shares were acquired at prices ranging from $3 to $3.06 between Aug. 19 and Sept. 16.