Byline: Holly Haber

Want to get on the road to love, happiness and harmony? Carole Meltzer says she has the map.
Meltzer is a feng shui master — a rare feat for an American. She earned this title by studying with a Chinese master in Hong Kong for 15 years. Feng shui is a 4th-century Chinese art that promotes healing and positive energy through the placement of furniture and objects and through the use of color and scent.
Meltzer offers bracelets made with colored Venetian glass beads and replicas of Chinese coins that are designed to empower the wearer and promote prosperity. She calls them Ch’i-Oms — the Chinese words for energy and body. The bracelets are strung on elastic cords that can be worn on the wrist or in the hair. ‘
‘They are a breath of energy,” Meltzer said. “You wear them on your left wrist to channel the energy up through your arm and heart and down through the other arm.”
A green Ch’i-Om bracelet enhances money flow and invites abundance into life, she said. Black and pink are for breast cancer, yellow for self love, azure for communication flow, green and pink for harmony and red for passion and love.
Meltzer also did a Blue Dragon collection that is exclusive to Neiman Marcus, which devoted a page of its Christmas catalog to her products. They are symbolic of the Year of the Blue Dragon in 2000 and the coming together of heaven and earth.
“Feng shui is about the unification of male and female,” Meltzer explained. “It’s about embodying both in people. It’s about both time for pleasure and time for work. The premise is that the more aligned with nature we are, then the more powerful we are.”
The jewelry wholesales for $16.50 for a simple bracelet to $150 for a pearl necklace. They are available through Meltzer’s offices in New York and Palm Springs, Calif.
Meltzer also does beaded hair sticks, necklaces, candles and a feng shui travel kit, which is meant to balance the energy in a hotel room. It includes a sage stick that you burn to cleanse the air, a Bagua octagonal mirror for reflecting flowers, a candle for meditation, a star crystal to reflect energy near a window, a Bagua map for creating a better atmosphere and a dream catcher.
Meltzer was interviewed while in Dallas in September for the early-morning launch party of Neiman Marcus’s Christmas catalog. She performed a feng shui blessing at the beginning of the fete.
Meltzer offered a few fashion tips, noting that colors reflect the emotional state of the wearer. Black and blue, she said connotes bruising and is a combination to avoid.
“Flowers denote blossoming opportunities and are perfect for a new career,” she pointed out. “Wear navy and red if you are asking for a raise or embarking on a new partnership. Browns are nurturing, grays are serene and green attracts prosperity.”
The color of wraps is significant: Pink connotes romance, green is prosperity, plum is nurturing, gray is creative and black is a moon energy indicating “go with the flow.”
To apply the principles of feng shui to makeup, sharpen pencils and throw out anything dull or old, she advised. Add a shade of plum lipstick to signify vim and vigor.
Meltzer recommends expressing yourself through accessories that draw energy to you. Wear a coin for prosperity and power, a frog to attract a prince or a turtle for a new career path. A dragon fires up new opportunities, while a fish is for a new venture and a flower blossoms into a new relationship. Consider the elements: Silver is for creativity, gold for power and copper for healing.
She also offered a few tips for home design. Divide spaces into intimate and functional areas — avoid placing a desk or other work tool in a bedroom.
“Clutter leads to confusion,” she asserted. “Feng shui teaches a way to function and organize. It teaches us how colors relate to you as a person and as a function of space.”
Meltzer recommended sage green, pale pink and yellow as positive hues for bedrooms and suggested avoiding peach. To attract a mate, make sure there are two bed tables — one table indicates that there is no room for another. Insert a floral scarf between the mattress and bedspring to symbolize flowering opportunity.