“Our generation’s got the power now. We’re making things the way we want them to be.”
— Anna Sui

“I don’t think I created fashion. I don’t know what original means.”
— Ralph Lauren

“You’re only as good as the people you dress.”
— Halston

“I see a place for couture as much as I see a place for Gap clothing.”
— John Galliano

“Some of the Paris designers are doing two collections each season — one for the runway and another for the showroom. I thing that belittles the idea of fashion and soils everyone in a bizarre, unamusing joke.”
— Yves Saint Laurent

“In my home, I am something of a meticulous old maid…Often, when I’m in bed, reading Mickey Mouse, which is my favorite reading material, I get up to make sure everything is in order in the house.”
— Valentino

“The country [is] ready for fashion in everything — wrapping paper, a can of sardines or airplanes.”
— Anne Klein

“What do I know? My husband and I are plain, simple people…we live in the suburbs, for God’s sake.”
— Donna Karan

“I’m very egotistical, especially about my work. A wife and children would simply distract me from my work.”
— Giorgio Armani

“Of course I did transparent things. But I never sent a girl out nude…”
— Elsa Schiaparelli

“It’s chic to be square again. Americans do this very well.”
— Bill Blass

“It’s the most flattering thing in the business to be copied.”
— Karl Lagerfeld

“The only joy I have is my work and my life, and must play until I die.”
— Gianni Versace