An article on page 5, Sept. 2, incorrectly gave the name of the streetwear collection created by rap artist Sean (Puffy) Combs. It is Sean John.

Bailey Banks & Biddle, a division of Zale Corp., was misspelled in a headline on page 5, Sept. 2.

A headline on page 15, Aug. 4, incorrectly referred to Rodney Gerritt Patterson of the Movado Group only as “Gerritt.” In addition, due to misinformation from the company, Patterson’s title was incorrect in the headline as well as the story. He is director of visual merchandising and display for Movado, not director of global merchandising and display.
Because of a mechanical error, the final sentence in the story, a quotation from Scott Woodward, Movado’s chief marketing officer, was truncated. The complete sentence should have read: “We felt a new visual direction would add new dimensions within the concept of our integrated marketing strategy.”