NEW YORK — Zale Corp. has joined the parade of Internet retailers that have struck strategic marketing deals this summer with Shop@AOL, while ITurf Inc. and Bluefly Inc. have expanded their alliances with the AOL shopping destination.
The agreement announced Wednesday between Zale and AOL provides with a gold-tenant position in the jewelry and watch area of the Shop@AOL jewelry and accessories department.
For its gold-level tenancy at the AOL site, Zale has been given a branded button, linking users to, and access to a merchandise display area on Shop@AOL, which it will share with the other gold-level tenants in the jewelry and accessories department.
Most AOL departments have nine gold-level tenants, and those tenants divide equally the time that their products alone are on display on Shop@AOL.
In addition, Zale said it will launch a Bailey Banks & Biddle Jewelers e-commerce site this year. has been online since 1997.
Meanwhile, ITurf said Wednesday it has secured anchor and gold-tenant positions on Shop@AOL, as part of a two-year deal it struck recently with the Internet service provider.
Anchors, of course, occupy more real estate than gold-level tenants, with a button linking users to an e-tailer’s own commerce site, plus space for online ads.
In addition, anchors share AOL’s display area for their merchandise with only two other tenants in each category.
ITurf’s and now have anchor spots in the girls’ and boys’ teen apparel areas of shop@AOL, while will anchor the sports and health section.
ITurf has also secured gold-tenant sites for and in the children’s apparel department.
Another ITurf site,, will be introduced as a gold tenant in the housewares area by Sept. 30.
ITurf targets Generation Y via interactive magazines, proprietary content, chat rooms, bulletin boards and e-mail, as well as online shopping.
Bluefly last month became an anchor in the outlet stores department, a new area on Shop@AOL, and a gold-level tenant in four other departments: women’s, men’s, home furnishings and gifts.
Bluefly launched its off-price web site last September, and struck its initial portal deal with AOL in December. AOL recently divided its apparel department into separate men’s, women’s, and children’s areas, and launched the outlet stores department.