Talk about getting a leg up. The new movie directed by Tim Robbins, “Cradle Will Rock,” doesn’t open to the public until December. But Monday night in the Hamptons, it was screened for 150 of the summer crowd — who were drawing a few final breaths of fresh air before plunging back into the social swim after Labor Day.
Elizabeth Rohatyn, Al and Judy Taubman, John and Lauren Veronis, Chevy Chase, Roone Arledge, Nora Ephron and Nick Pileggi, Jon Robin Baitz, Stanley Donnen and the rest piled into Bryan Bantry’s plushly carpeted screening room in Wainscott for a sneak peek at the movie.
“With every turn of the screw, Tim Robbins just gets better and better,” judged Barbaralee Diamonstein Spielvogel. “And there is a great role for his wife [Susan Sarandon], which I appreciated very much.”
At dinner afterwards, the steady hum of conversation was interrupted by bursts of applause as 21-year-old magician Rory Wheeler worked the room.
Wheeler, who said he took up magic at age six after seeing an episode of “The Brady Bunch” with a magic act, later confessed he didn’t recognize most of the Hamptons crowd — with one exception.
“I tried hard to get a big response from the table next to Barbara Walters,” he reported later. “I thought she might ask me a question.”