I’ve been in the media so long that I know how hard it to sell a book when you don’t have a hook,” said Karen Moline, a New York-based journalist, whose second novel, “Belladonna” (Time Warner) hits book stores this month.
At her book party this week at Madame X, a lounge here, Moline was clutching a new fragrance and “aphrodisiac” cream, developed by Demeter Fragrances. The scent and the cream play key roles in the novel, which is about a woman named Belladonna who seeks revenge on the men who had made her a sex slave by seducing them with an aphrodisiac cream and killing them with her deadly fragrance.
Both the cream, called Belladonna Creme d’Amour, and the perfume, Parfumo Belladonna, will be available next month via an 800 number, according to Christopher Brosius of Demeter, but pricing hasn’t been set.

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