Byline: Rosemary Feitelberg

NEW YORK — Hanes rolled out its new Smooth Illusions Revitalizing sheers hosiery with a fall fashion show featuring a doctor who helped develop the product.
Peter Pugliese, a biomedical consultant to Hanes, used anatomical sketches, color slides and charts to illustrate the point that Revitalizing is designed to offer graduated compression, which the company says helps improve circulation and should lower the chances of developing spider veins or varicose veins.
Revitalizing, a four-piece collection, will be unveiled at retail in September and is aimed at all women. Each item — knee-highs, ultrasheers, control-top sheers and sheer-to-waist pantyhose — retails for $9.95.
Noting that breakdown of valves can lead to varicose veins, Pugliese outlined the importance of good circulation, especially near Poupart’s ligament in the groin area. At this critical point, blood enters the abdomen and valves are no longer present, Pugliese said.
Any kind of constriction will increase pressure in the venous system and dilates the veins, he said. Wearing tight jeans or bikini underwear can cause spider veins — even in teenagers — due to poor circulation near the Poupart ligament, Pugliese noted.
Unlike most sheers, which are loose-fitting at the ankles and tight at the hips and waist, Revitalizing is the reverse, Pugliese said. By wearing the new product, blood flow to the legs should be increased 5 to 10 percent, he added. That should improve skin tone and skin nutrition.
With Revitalizing, pressure is increased near the feet and ankles, and gradually decreases going up the leg.
For its fall launch, Hanes will offer advertising and in-store displays featuring images of a woman being splashed with water. The product should feel rejuvenating, like a splash of water on the skin, said David McBride, director of marketing for Hanes.
There will also be extensive sampling for consumers, with at least 10,000 women expected to try the product this fall.
“A lot of what we have to say will be hard to understand,” McBride said. “Unless consumers have the product on, they’re not going to get it.”
For the fall launch, Hanes plans to provide major retailers with demonstrators who will model the products and discuss its benefits.

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