Byline: Jennifer Weil / William Middleton

PARIS — Nothing is written in stone, especially when it comes to the designer ready-to-wear show calendar here.
Just days after Chanel put the schedule into disarray with a show date change for the upcoming season, the Karl Lagerfeld company announced Thursday that it was shifting dates, too. The Lagerfeld show will now take place on March 17 rather than March 14, as earlier scheduled.
“Organizing this calendar is like giving birth to a child; sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is painful,” said Jacques Mouclier, president of the Chambre Syndicale.
This year is particularly painful.
Chanel, historically the last major show in the season, which this year runs from March 10 to March 19, decided last week to take over Chloe’s slot on March 12 instead of showing on March 17. For a while that left Chloe without a place, but now Chloe has been scheduled for March 14.
The shift in dates represents the objective of the three collections, all of them designed by Karl Lagerfeld, to show early in the season.
However, Lagerfeld explained, “At the last minute it was impossible to find time for three shows in the first week. If I had used someone else’s slot, everyone would have complained that I killed a young designer.”
Instead the designer juggled the dates of his three houses’ shows.
Lagerfeld said Chanel had always wanted an early date for its fashion show, adding that he believed the Chambre Syndicale wanted Chanel at the end of the season to keep people in town longer.
“Next season I will find two dates in the middle of the week for Chanel and Lagerfeld,” said Lagerfeld, who ends his tenure at Chloe this season.
Lagerfeld is not concerned that journalists might leave Paris before the Lagerfeld show.
“I only care about putting on the best show possible,” he said. “I understand that editors can’t stay in Paris forever — they have magazines to put out — but they can easily see the show on video.”