Most Paris couturiers went on vacation once the shows ended. Not Paco Rabanne. He headed to magistrate’s court, where he sued a Frenchwoman for 1 franc on charges of premeditated assault. Josiane Pasquier allegedly followed Rabanne, called him Satan, doused his Rue du Cherche Midi shop with holy water and plastered it with pictures of the Virgin Mary.
Lawyers for Pasquier, 50, argued in court that she was only trying to protect her 24-year-old daughter, who had been “bewitched” by the designer. My daughter “went to his shop for good vibes; she thought he was a messenger from God,” Pasquier told the judge. “In the end, she didn’t feel very well, she didn’t eat, she threw up.”
Rabanne, who is known in France for two books in which he wrote about his 36 past lives, claims he tried with no success to discuss the matter with the woman. Finally, when she criticized him on a TV talk show and began kneeling in prayer outside his shop, beseeching customers to “stay away from the devil’s den,” he sued.
Rabanne is seeking 1 franc in damages and a permanent restraining order to prevent the woman from coming to his store. A verdict is due Feb. 24.

Cindy Crawford and her longtime off-and-on boyfriend Rande Gerber — celebrity barman whose new Sky Bar at the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles keeps packing ’em in — are making it official, Hollywood style. The couple have just bought a house together in Los Angeles and are planning to move in right away.

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